Our Story

After watching our big government fusion programs spending billions of dollars pursuing commercially impractical solutions to fusion energy, the Helion team came up with a new approach that radically transforms the entire industry. Focusing on electricity production, we coupled a long legacy of magneto-inertial fusion science and modern electronics to engineer a fusion generator and fuel cycle that can be developed and implemented quickly. With both private and government backing, we have demonstrated these systems and are progressing rapidly to commercial application.  The Helion team is uniquely suited to this ambitious goal, with an entrepreneurial history of rapid development, cutting edge engineering and award winning science.

Our Founding Team

Dr. David Kirtley

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. George Votroubek

Principal Scientist

Chris Pihl

Chief Technology Officer

Our Investor Partners


CleanTech Open

Cleantech Open National Energy Generation Winners, IAEA Best Fusion Technical Papers


ARPA-E Future Energy Summit

Invited Summit Presenter and ARPA-E Award winner

I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source. It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming.

Stephen Hawking

What the world needs is a small, compact, flexible fusion technology that could make electricity where and when it is needed. The existing fusion program is leading to a huge source of centralized power, at a price that nobody except a government can afford.

Freeman Dyson

You know all energy in the universe originates with fusion. We get our energy from the sun, so that’s indirect reliance on fusion....It’s a very, very difficult technical problem, one of the most difficult technical problems that humanity will ever try to solve. But if we solve it, we will have “energy forever.”

Elon Musk