Harnessing the
power of the stars

Fusion occurs when two atoms combine to form a single atom, releasing energy. It is the process our sun and other stars use to make energy.

It's an energy source so cheap and clean and plentiful that it would create an inflection point in human history, an energy singularity that would leave no industry untouched. Fusion would mean the end of fossil fuels. It would be the greatest antidote to climate change that the human race could reasonably ask for.

- Lev Grossman, Lead Technology Writer, Time Magazine

Helion's fusion starts with deuterium,
a form of hydrogen found in water.
One glass of D₂O:

Generates 9 million kWh of safe, clean electricity

Can power one home for 865 years

Can power an electric car for 35 million miles

Replaces 10 million pounds of coal

Replaces 1 million gallons of oil

Deuterium-helium-3 fusion

Helion converts deuterium into helium-3, the ideal fuel for fusion electricity. Helion is the first company to produce helium-3 in an industrial process.

This is fusion

Deuterium and helium-3 fuse when they reach temperatures greater than 100 million degrees Celsius. Learn more about how Helion’s technology achieves these temperatures.

Building a better future

Fusion provides a clean, reliable, and abundant energy source for life. No more fossil fuels. No more climate change.


Fusion emits zero carbon and creates no long-lived waste. It’s the clean energy source our earth needs.


The fusion process can produce energy day and night. It works regardless of weather conditions and has zero risk of meltdown.


Fusion produces clean, reliable, and abundant energy from deuterium, found in water. The Earth's oceans contain enough deuterium to generate billions of years worth of zero-carbon energy.