Helion Energy wins the PNW Cleantech Open

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October 18, 2013

Helion Energy is one of two winners for the Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open Competition and proceeds as a Finalist for the National Cleantech Open Global Form in San Jose.

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Helion Energy, Redmond WA,    Generation

A team with lengthy experience from Univ.of Washington and Mathematical Sciences Northwest have developed a break-through energy device, designed from the top down to be practical using well understood physics, and commercially deployable within 6 years.
Helion’s new approach generates fusion by accelerating two specialized plasmas into a central chamber where they are further compressed with a magnetic field, raising heat and density to levels required for fusion and energy release.
The power plant design is compact, modular, and competitive in today’s market. Unlike nuclear fission, fusion is clean and neither uses nor produces dangerous materials. The machine runs on a completely safe fuel found in everyday water – a molecular variant of hydrogen.

Jennifer Spaith of Regional Sponsor Dorsey Whitney with Dr. David Kirtley and Chris Pihl of Helion Energy


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