Why Fusion?

Fusion is what powers our sun (which, in turn, created almost all the energy we harvest in other ways).  Other renewables, like wind and solar, indirectly harness the fusion energy of the sun.  This same process can be used here on Earth to generate clean energy without the transmission losses or unpredictability of solar energy.  In addition to being environmentally friendly, our Fusion Engine is inherently safe.  Learn More about Fusion Energy. 

Why Now?

The technology and engineering required for net-production fusion finally exists.  But the big government projects have either stalled or have spent billions of dollars chasing difficult-to-commercialize solutions.  By combining our years of experience in fusion, newly available electronics technologies, and a revolutionary design using cutting-edge physics, Helion is making a fusion engine 1,000 times smaller, over 500 times cheaper, and realizable 10 time faster than other projects.

Why Helion?

We are a proven team of entrepreneurs and scientists who are making fusion happen.  The Helion team has designed and built award-winning technology and prototypes many experts in the field consider the most promising approach to commercial fusion. This is our lives’ work.

The Fusion Engine

Helion's technology operates in a promising new region, taking advantage of benefits of both steady magnetic and inertial fusion. Coupled with recent advancements in high power electronics, the Fusion Engine can be developed 1000X smaller, 500X cheaper, 10X sooner than competitor technologies.

Safe Power

The Fusion Engine will be safer than nuclear fission, will only require plentiful Deuterium as a new fuel input, and will end energy dependence on other nations.

Low Cost Electricity

By providing carbon-free and low cost energy, we can address the water and power needs of the developing world, stop climate change before its too late, and increase the quality of life everywhere.

Operational Prototype

Through a series of prototypes, Helion has demonstrated that fusion is now within reach. We aim to have a commercial plant operational in six years.

The People

The team at Helion is combining their years of experience in fusion, newly available electronics technologies, and a revolutionary design to make fusion a commercial reality.