First to fusion

Helion is building the world’s first fusion power plant, enabling a future with unlimited clean electricity.

The future of energy

Fusion produces clean, reliable, and abundant energy from deuterium, found in water, and helium-3, a product of fusing deuterium atoms. The Earth's oceans contain enough deuterium to generate billions of years worth of zero-carbon fusion energy.

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Scientists have been working to harness fusion power for decades.
As the first private company to reach 100 M°C plasma temperatures,
we are making electricity from fusion a reality.

Our Accomplishments

Reached fusion-relevant plasma conditions of 9+ keV Ions (100 M°C)

Demonstrated magnetic energy recovery with 95% efficiency

Exhibited compression fields greater than 10 Tesla

Sustained plasmas with lifetimes greater than 1 ms

Developed a complete self-supplied helium-3 fuel cycle

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We're working to solve one of the world's biggest challenges - harnessing fusion power for a clean energy future. We need great people to help us succeed.

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