Helion's evolved core values: Shaping our mission and culture

Savanna Thompson, VP of People and Workplace Operations

At Helion, our mission—to satisfy the world’s need for clean, abundant energy—isn’t just a statement. It’s a call for action against climate change, all while enhancing the well-being of every individual on this earth.


For me, this hits home alongside the things I love to do. Outside of my time at Helion, I love skiing, hiking, and traveling. And I recognize that climate change threatens our planet, our people, and our ability to do the things we all love. Fusion is our chance to stop climate change and preserve these experiences for ourselves and future generations.


As the VP of People and Workplace Operations, I work with our team to create a culture that enables us to make fusion happen. We saw a need to evolve our core values to reflect the behaviors we know are critical for us to succeed against that challenge. Our new values – Build with urgency, Take ownership, Execute rigorously, and Deliver hard truths – not only accelerate us toward our mission, but also sculpt the very culture of Helion.


We’re now using these to drive our work, day in and day out.



Build with urgency


In the face of climate change, time is a luxury we can’t afford. We refuse to accept the mantra that fusion is always 30 years away. We must use every moment to bring in our timelines so we can deliver what the world needs now. This understanding is at the heart of our value to “Build with urgency.”


Every day at Helion is an opportunity to make significant strides in building and iterating our fusion technology for commercial deployment. We concentrate on tackling our most critical technical challenges, embrace smart risks amidst uncertainties, and use every day to make impactful progress. This value is visible as team members relentlessly prioritize, push builds forward, and use every moment to iterate, test, iterate, and test again.



Take ownership


For our team, “taking ownership” isn’t just about accountability; it’s about each of us recognizing our role in Helion’s success. It means viewing no job as beneath us and keeping our efforts aligned with the company’s mission. We know that to be successful, it will take everyone chipping in at every level.


This value, for us, emphasizes the importance of owning our mistakes, communicating clearly to keep everyone moving forward together, and, most importantly, driving results that further our collective mission. Our team members live this value by approaching their work with a sense of responsibility to the planet and future generations to enable a future with unlimited clean electricity.



Execute rigorously


“Execute rigorously” is about attention to detail, embracing diverse perspectives, and ensuring the highest quality of work while prioritizing safety and environmental health.


This value is evident in our team’s commitment to precision throughout the build and testing processes, and in everything we do. It shows up in the way we build teams with diverse perspectives in support of delivering exceptional results. And it’s evident in how we learn from mistakes to get better every day. Each of these tenets, I believe, is a requirement if we are going to be successful.



Deliver hard truths


Continuous improvement is fundamental to our growth as individuals and as an organization. “Deliver hard truths” promotes a culture of open, respectful feedback. It’s about fostering an environment where we deliver all feedback directly, in service of making each individual, and Helion, better every day.


This value encourages us to face challenges head-on, embrace a growth mindset, and use open conversation as a tool for determining the strongest path forward for Helion. By embracing this value, our team members cultivate an environment where honesty paves the way for building on the successes – and failures – in every iteration.



Our culture at Helion


Our values are more than just words; they’re a reflection of our daily actions. They signal to our current and potential employees what it truly means to be part of Helion. Our work culture is one of urgency, ownership, rigor, and truth. It’s an environment that challenges every individual to grow, contribute, and make a tangible impact on the world.


As we continue to push the boundaries of clean energy, our mission and our values remain our north star. They help us navigate the complexities of building first-of-their-kind fusion energy systems, ensuring that every effort is meaningful and directed toward our goal of saving the planet and improving humanity’s well-being.


To potential employees and partners looking to join our journey, know that our values aren’t just a testament to our work; they’re an invitation to those who share our vision and dedication to excellence. Together, we can forge a future where clean, abundant energy is a reality for all.